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Five health benefits of dragon fruit

Five health benefits of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is known and loved across the world for its vibrant color and sweet taste. Not only is it one of the tastiest and most beautiful exotic fruits around, it’s also packed full of health benefits that will nourish your body and look after your mind.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new vibrant Pink Dragon smoothie, we’re taking a look at five health benefits of dragon fruit.

It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals
Dragon fruit is full of Vitamin C that can boost immunity and stimulate other antioxidants in the body. It’s high polyphenol and flavonoid content can reduce free radicals in the body, which helps to prevent cancer cells from developing.

It’s also full of Vitamin B1, B2 and B3, which improve skin health, thyroid function, and carbohydrate metabolism.

Controls diabetes

This miracle fruit helps to reduce blood sugar levels, which is highly beneficial for those with type two and pre diabetes. Blood glucose reduction can also aid with weight loss, managing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels and even improving muscle stability and strength.

Helps to fight ageing

Yes, you really can look and feel younger by consuming dragon fruit! The antioxidants which control free radicals that we talked about earlier also help to treat dry skin, acne, and aid in recovery from sunburn. On top of this dragon fruit can help to nourish hair to keep it looking healthier and thicker for longer. Over time you’ll start to see a difference in the shine and texture of your locks thanks to the wonderful minerals inside this fantastic fruit.

Makes bones and teeth stronger

Dragon fruit has a surprisingly high level of calcium compared to other fruits, which helps to increase the strength of bones and teeth. This can help to increase bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis to keep your body strong and sturdy.

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