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Something feels off with me… I’m tired all the time.

Not the typical, “I’m tired today.” So exhausted I can’t get out of bed to shut off the alarm clock. Four cups of coffee just to have enough energy to do the daily chores. And so tired, I’m getting in trouble for being late to Marine formations.

I’m 27, and I’ve worked very hard to set myself up for a successful career and hopefully, later a beautiful family. But what terrifies me is my onset of exhaustion threatens all of my dreams. I cannot have a successful career if I cannot show up on time. I cannot make money if I cannot make myself work. I cannot have a family if all I can think about is sleeping.

And hardest of all, I’m so tired every hour of every day, I have no energy to change. I know I need to see a doctor. I need to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I have my guesses. My diet is awful. Every deployment we eat MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat). Food with no expiration date. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that’s not good. And Marines are constantly inhaling jet smoke and smoke from burning trash pits. At home, my diet is even worse than when I deploy. Big gulps. Microwaved hot pockets and a coffee. Bag of chilly flavored Doritos. These are my daily nutrition.

And so I set a doctor’s appointment, but instead of bringing me relief, it brings up fear.

What will the doctor find is wrong with me? And if I have a serious health issue, which deep down I already knew I did, my orders to go home to Plano, TX would be revoked. I longed to go home and see family and friends.

So I never went to see the Doctor.

Instead, I started voraciously reading books on self-healing. I called self-healing gurus to seek help. I starting learning all I could from the top health experts. I determined that had to change. I had to fix myself. I was going to feel like my best self again – for my family, my career, and most importantly for me.

Among the many eye-opening epiphanies I was gaining about health, the body needing to be in an alkaline state was my favorite. I became hopeful when I learned an alkalinized body is full of energy.

Green juices were the prescription for putting my body in an alkaline state. I’d never drank a green juice. But I was desperate and determined for solution to my exhaustion, so I decided to try green juices and smoothies, not just for a day, or even a week – for a full 30 days.

The juices tasted horrible, but I didn’t care, taste was the last thing on my mind. I persisted for thirty days even though the green juices made me miss MREs!

I hope this juice fast would be helpful. Instead, it turned out to be incredible, astonishing, phenomenal. I went from doing 18 pull-ups to 31 pull-ups. My three-mile run time decreased from 23:30 mins to 19:30 mins. And these results without any so-called “proteins.”

Drinking green juice for 30 days gave me back my life. Today, I am full of energy and vigor! I run or workout every day. I jump out of bed easily. I show up to work early and enthusiastic. And I feel confident that I’ll live a long and healthy life.

After my turnaround, friends desired to try my juices. But I knew they tasted awful! So, I set out to improve the taste without compromising the nutrients. After much experimenting, my once awful tasting green juices tasted wonderful! Quite an accomplishment in the kitchen for a Marine! That’s the day Salubrious was born.

When I started sharing my juices with my initial clients, the feedback was exceptionally positive. I had this idea, some might say crazy, but I went with it anyway. I said to myself, I am going to do a 100% guarantee on our juice cleanses! Because juicing had profoundly changed my life, I was (and still am) 100% confident it will change other’s.

Salubrious means “to promote health.” I jump out of bed every day happy, passionate, on-time, and ready to promote health. Marines love a good mission, and this is mine! I call it my 5th deployment.

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