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Our juice cleanse may seem like a sudden sensation…but behind the scenes we have 12 years’ worth of juice making experience, inventions, experiments, and ceaseless tests. Not to mention, we always ask for our clients’ invaluable feedback which helps us to make our cleanses what they are today!

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"…it’s absolutely crazy what has transpired…I lost 5.3lbs in 3 days and I had not lost 1lbs in the last 4 years. I am doing my second juice cleanse with my husband. The juices are delicious! I was uncertain and not sure about the cleanse, but Ajay was with me every step of the way…he was ridiculously helpful…I have had people from all over the country message me on Instagram …they have seen transformation in me." Jacqui Nelson
"My Resting Heart Rate Went Down, I Slept Better And My Sleep Score Went Up..." Kelly Clark​

Compare Our Juice Cleanse With The Ordinary Juice Cleanses…

...With Our Juice Cleanse

You will get our proprietary Juice Cleanse that incorporates ancient herbs, roots, greens, and probiotics so you can feel the difference and look all-the-better for it.

You will get step-by-step instructions on how to cleanse your lungs and other organs through breathing exercises and various other body movements. This is the only way to get a complete internal cleanse!

We only use 100% organic produce to make mouth-watering juices for you!

You are literally consuming 15lbs of healthy, organic, juiced produce per day! Think about the wonders it would do for your mind and body!

You will learn exactly how to incorporate essential fatty acids, electrolytes, and water (we give you step-by-step instructions on this as well) to amplify your results.

You will get 24/7 support through our text hotline (we mean it when we say 24/7 support).

What Others Have to Say About Salubrious’s Game-Changing Cleanse...

Cherie Krawiec
Cherie Krawiec
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I love Salubrious!! Their juices are delish! All-natural and organic squeezed on-site! No added anything! And they are independently owned! I drive all the way from Addison and probably pass 30 juice shops to get my juice at salubrious! Thank you salubrious!! You just helped me lose nearly 5 lbs in 3 days ! 4.1 lbs to be exact. And all I had to do was chill and drink your delicious natural juices! No exercise no crazy pills! It was so easy! I’ll be doing another detox soon!
Ajana Adams
Ajana Adams
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Thank you so much Salubrious! I had a wonderful juice cleansing experience. I’ve been talking so much about it! Thank you. I feel more energy and cognitive focus. And lost about 4.5 lbs, which wasn’t a bad side effect at all! The nutrients I take in my body are very important to me and my overall well-being. My immune system is damaged due to MS and I am always looking for natural ways to strengthen myself. I definitely want to do the cleanse again.
Leah Knippel
Leah Knippel
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My 3-day juice cleanse was the reset button my body, mind and spirit needed…my gut has been so inflamed lately, I thought perhaps Ajay's juice cleanse formulation might help both of these issues. Not only did I lose 5 pounds, I started feeling better in my gut and felt an increase in my general energy level. This juice cleanse will become a regular reset button for me…Thanks so much to Ajay and Salubrious for getting this juice cleanse right.
Teddy Ladd
Teddy Ladd
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I recently completed the 3 day juice cleanse and I have never felt better or more energized. It was also one of my first cleanses. I did everything they recommended...I never experienced a headache or any other problems while on the cleanse. It actually got to where I was craving the juices and shots. They taste amazing and I never felt hungry, it felt like my body was receiving all the nutrients it needed. I loved it so much that I’m about to do their 5 day cleanse with my boyfriend…I highly recommend their products.
Michelle Cool
Michelle Cool
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Woohoo!!! I feel fantastic and lost 5.2 pounds after the 3-day juice cleanse. This was a great kick start to a healthier me. Salubrious tells you exactly what to do and you just follow the instructions and voila! It was also kind of freeing not to have to worry about meal planning, it's all included for you - just grab your juice and go! I'm excited to try out the free yoga class that comes with the cleanse as well. I'd definitely do this again and highly recommend it!
Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark
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This 3 Day Juice Cleanse is amazing!!!! I completed this past week and am definitely reaping the benefits of energy, fresh skin, and all-around wellness. My activity, from both a mental and fitness perspective, stayed the same, but I felt much more alert and motivated to get moving. Frisco Locals, check out Salubrious Juice & More for their Juice cleanse details and options. Highly recommended for a healthy reset this year.
Jody S
Jody S
Read More
Thank you Salubrious for offering the juice cleanse. I’m a 50 year old male that was in need of a reset. I lost 8.5 lbs in 3 days. I’m feeling energized since I ended the cleanse. I will definitely take advantage of this again. Thanks,
Vicki Tsan
Vicki Tsan
Read More
I tried their 3 day juice cleanse for the first time and it was a great way to fast. I lost 5 lbs juicing in a week with light exercise. The flavors were tasteful and I never felt hungry or fatigue. Customer Service was superb with delivery option to my office. If you want to try a quick juicing cleanse, I would highly recommend coming here.
Molly T
Molly T
Read More
True story- the other night, an acquaintance saw me and asked if I were pregnant again. Soooo, needless to say, me thinks it's time for a juice cleanse. @salubriousjuice to the rescue!!! If you're in Dallas, you've got got got to try Salubrious Juice! I'm still breastfeeding…but let me tell you: it has not been hard, because their juices are so incredibly delicious. Plus they are 100% organic, fresh and preservative-free. It's my favorite-tasting one in Dallas so far, by far.
Lauren L
Lauren L
Read More
My husband and I both did a cleanse, along with my friend Nancy. The juice were very good, and I couldn't belive how clear-headed I was. Seriously. My brain felt so much less foggy. And, I didn't hate that I didn't have to plan meals for three days. I love that Salubrious is supper conscientious about using organic produce and preserving the nutrients in their juices through their juicing methods. I will totally do another one in the future...
John Hunter
John Hunter
Read More
My body actually craves healthier food after the 3 day and my craving for sugar was non-existent... AJ...have really dialed in the formulas for their 3 and 5 day juice cleanses. My body actually craves healthier food after the 3 day and my craving for sugar was non-existent...

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5-day Juice Cleanse

42 Bottles
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  • 2 Black Elixirs
  • 5 Mean Greens
  • 5 O.M.Gs
  • 10 Lovely Reds
  • 5 Immune Shots + Probiotics
  • 5 Wheatgrass Shots
  • 5 Ashwagandha Shots
  • 5 Triphala Shots
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3-day Juice Cleanse

25 Bottles
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  • 1 Black Elixir
  • 3 Mean Greens
  • 3 O.M.Gs
  • 6 Lovely Reds
  • 3 Immune Shots + Probiotics
  • 3 Wheatgrass Shots
  • 3 Ashwagandha Shots
  • 3 Triphala Shots
$40 Off

1-day Juice Cleanse

9 Bottles
$ 60
  • 1 Black Elixir
  • 1 Mean Green
  • 1 O.M.G.
  • 2 Lovely Red
  • 1 Immune Shot + Probiotics
  • 1 Wheatgrass Shot
  • 1 Ashwagandha Shot
  • 1 Triphala Shot
$10 Off

This Juice Cleanse may well be the smartest investment you could make!

The prices are a real steal considering...

...how many compliments you will get on how you look and feel with our natural organic juice cleanse in as little as just 3 days.

Here is what our juice cleanse can do for you

Meet Coach Lexi Luedtke

“I did this cleanse solely for the purpose of a “reset” …for my gut AND mind. I was feeling so blahhh these past few weeks, not sleeping well at all, felt tired and unmotivated, and felt extremely bloated more than usual. I am not here to complain nor say I wasn’t happy with my body before this cleanse, however, I know myself and I knew something was off and I needed to try something different. So 3 day cleanse it was…I weighed in at the lowest I’ve been in about 4 years. This def surprised me……If anyone in the Dallas area is looking to do a juice cleanse I highly recommend going to Salubrious in Frisco!”

Meet Brenda Soto

“I kept track of my body measurements and noticed 2 .5 inches reduced around my lower belly. The juices taste great and the shots are a little rough but I can say that it was worth it at the end!”


It’s actually quite easy! To complete a juice cleanse, a person chooses a period of 3 to 10 days during which they consume the bulk of their calories from fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The idea of drinking all your meals for upwards of a week might make some people balk, but it’s important to note that a juice cleanse is not a fast. The juices consumed during a cleanse are chock full of nutrients and good, healthy calories, so they’ll keep you sated without feeling full or bloated. When properly executed, juice cleanses have proven to be an amazing way to improve one’s overall health and well-being, as they provide a multitude of benefits such as aiding weight loss, boosting energy and, perhaps most importantly, purging harmful toxins.
A lot of places. Pollutants can enter our bodies from the air we breathe and the water we drink, as well as from a lot of products we use every day and consider harmless, like soaps, shampoos and detergents. We also tend to ingest a lot of the most harmful toxins from the foods we eat every day. That includes foods that are low-quality and highly processed—foods that are prevalent in the diets of most Americans—and non-organic fruits and vegetables. A juice cleanse is a safe and effective way to remove such toxins from the body, allowing our organs and glands to operate optimally and ensuring a healthy balance of hormones. Giving the body the natural, organic nutrients it craves allows it to heal itself and perform at its highest level—which will also help fend off even more harmful diseases and viruses.

We believe that everyone can benefit from a juice cleanse – but juice cleanses can be particularly helpful for people who are experiencing the following symptoms

  • You feel you are always under stress
  • You drink a lot of coffee or alcohol
  • Your eyes are yellowish or red
  • You tested acidic when you took a pH test
  • You feel a cold or flu coming on
  • You feel lethargic
  • You need to get rid of the drug residue after an illness
  • You need to remove toxins that are causing a health problem
  • You want help with weight loss
  • You want to clear up your skin
  • You want to slow aging and improved body flexibility
  • You want great mental clarity
  • You need to improve your circulation
Everybody is different: we all have different body types, different metabolisms, different states of mind. Due to these factors, everyone experiences juice cleanses differently. During the cleanse, whatever happens with your body is the way your body is trying to stabilize itself. As such, you may feel worse before you get better – and the results will show up at the end of the cleanse. You will be able to get through the cleanse just like thousands of others have before you. During the cleanse, it is not uncommon for our clients to feel lethargic, irritable, and have a bit of headache. All of these are very normal reactions as the toxins begin to move through your body. Remember, once you have completed the cleanse, you will enjoy the most euphoric and blissful feeling!
  • Yoga: Yoga helps in detoxification process. A hot yoga class can get rid of the toxins through your skin.  Stretching during yoga stimulates and cleanse the colon, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas. Also, the breathings that we do during yoga would help you detoxify your lungs.
  • Dry brushing: Dry brushing helps the lymphatic system dump toxins, dead cells and acids. Brushing your skin using small circular strokes and work from extremities towards your heart. You can get these at a health store or at amazon.
  • Steam or infrared sauna: Just 30 to 40 mins in a sauna stimulates therapeutic sweating, which allows the skin to get rid of toxins.
  • Acupuncture or acupressure: If you have headaches or muscle pains during a juice cleanse, this will bring you relief.
  • Breathing exercises: Proper diaphragmic breathing will not only reduce anxiety, it will also help stimulate your lymphatic system which aids in toxin removal. 
  • For best results: 1-4-2 ratio breaths is the best. In this, you inhale for 1, hold for 4 and exhale for 2. For example, let’s say you inhale for 5 seconds, hold it for 20 seconds and then exhale for 10 seconds. 
  • Rebounding: Rebounding helps the lymphatic system detox our body. The lymphatic system is a system where fluid can flow from the spaces around the cells into the blood. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying away dead cells, toxic waste, and blood proteins away from our tissues. You can get a rebounder or small trampoline from Amazon or any sports outlet. 
  • Drink water. We need to super-hydrate our body to give the tools it needs to do the cleanse. We suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces a day.
  • Rest. To get the most out of the cleanse, REST! When our body has excessive energy, it then has the energy it needs to do the cleansing process.
  • Take hemp or flaxseed oil. They are packed with essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of health and will allow you to be healthy while you cleanse. 
  • Avoid exercise. Other than gentle yoga, you should avoid exercising during the cleanse. Your body needs extra energy to cleanse itself.
  • Electrolytes. Taking electrolytes with water is the best. If you have pink salt or Himalayan salt, put a pinch or less in your water and drink plenty of water. 

Remember, as important as the cleanse itself is, how you come off it and apply this into our daily lifestyle is equally important to sustain a vibrant health.

  • Breathing. Keeping doing the breaths in 1-4-2 ratios to make sure you are helping your lymph system and get rid of the carbon dioxide.
  • Stay hydrated. This is something you want to do for the rest of your life. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. That’s just appalling. We need water for many things, and not drinking water means our bodies will be acidic. 
  • Exercise. Now that you have completed the cleanse, you want to hit the gym. Your metabolism might have slowed down and exercise will improve it.
  • Avoid processed food. If you can, stay away from processed food. They are hard to digest and they create an acidic environment in your body. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Yoga. Yoga should be something you do forever. Not only you would it help you with continuous detoxing, it will help you with you posture, energy level, and mind-and-body connection. 
At Salubrious, we adhere to a cold-press juice cleanse system. All of our tasty, nutritious juices are extracted from organic fruits and vegetables with a hydraulic press, which serves to preserve optimal nutrients. Some of the many physical benefits reported after undergoing a cold-press juice cleanse include kidney and liver detoxification, healthy hair and nail growth, improved and vitalized sex drive, stronger bones and teeth, suppression of disease-causing genes, heightened immunity against disease, anti-aging properties, and an overall feeling of refreshment. All of our juices are easy to digest due to a lack of pulp, contain no added preservatives or sugars, are full of important vitamins and minerals, and have a longer shelf life than average store-bought juices. Plus, all of our juices are 100% organic, so you know you’re drinking the highest quality juice. Salubrious offers 3 and 5 day cleanse programs designed for whatever ails you, whether you’re hoping to gain more energy, lose weight, cleanse your body of toxins that drag you down…or all of the above! We’re passionate about the healthful benefits of our juice cleanses and we’re always happy to answer questions about the process. Come in today to learn about how a Salubrious juice cleanse can change your life!

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